About Us

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Precious Giftz is the premier provider of elegant cards and gifts for all occasions:

  •         Weddings
  •         Christmas
  •         Valentines Day
  •         Birthdays
  •         Company awards
  •         Easter
  •         Graduation
  •         Bridal shower/stag parties

Precious Giftz offers unique, customade and quality gifts at a reasonable price. Precious Giftz is a solution to your most undaunting task… that of choosing the right gift and card. We have exceptional gifts/cards for your special clients, friends, customers and employees! Our corporate gifts/cards are also perfect for your business referral gifts, client appreciation gifts, contract closings, and more! Creativity is the name of the game! We think beyond traditional gifts.

We offer hand made wedding cards which are not only compliments to your lifestyle, but are in perfect sync with your vision of a complete handmade wedding invitation cards. Hand made wedding cards means something more than just a simple wedding invitation card and has to be in coordination with the theme of the wedding.

Our aim:

  • To help make your wedding a special “affair”.
  • Add to your wonderful memories.

As John Keats, Endymion (1881) said:
“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever! Its loveliness increases: it will never Pass into nothingness: but will still keep A bower quiet and asleep Full of sweet dreams and health and quiet breathing”.

That’s how magical a wonderful gift means to someone! The next time you go shopping for a gift think about its lasting impression!