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Love is a beautiful thing. It covers a multitude of sins,it brings unity where there is disunity,it forgives easily. Love knows no bounds.

Gen 2;24. “A man shall leave his mother and father and shall cleave to the wife and the two shall become one flesh”.

The foundation of a good successful marriage is LOVE, because even in hard times you will be able to cling on,forgive and move on.

Precious gifts comes in handy, to make your wedding a success. We are creative, authentic,professional and affordable. This day happens once,make it special and memorable. This parasols come as a set of cutlery(Cake knife),a ring holder, a guest book for your guests and pen. Contact us for prices and order.

‘Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. Franz Schubert’




Unique Never goes Unnoticed

When something stands out, we say its unique. Standing out means it is set apart, different from others in various ways. Maybe its the physical appearance, difference in functionality,the type of brand or any other factor. Most people if not all, want to stand out in most areas. Career,business,personal grooming,education e.t.c. Surprise your loved one with a UNIQUE gift today

We have a wide range of gifts items to ensure that you stand out in a number of ways, in your office, school,..get these gift items at an affordable price. Contact us today and get value for your money.


Perfect Packaging

Any gift item is lovely in whatever condition, but take a gift item that is well packaged  looks awesome from a distance right? Packaging is very important in every aspect of our lives, as an individual, i need to be well packaged to sell my services or  goods,why?because that will send a very strong message to my contacts right?

With this understanding, precious gifts is here to assist you in packaging of gift items very nicely done by a team of professionals who are very keen on detail hence producing  quality in every aspect.

Try us today and we  guarantee you exemplary service. Check out some of the packaging we have done